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Cardio Machine Myths

Cardio Machine Myths

You can make your cardio workout up to 9 times more effective by simply following a few suggestions. Ignore cardio machine default settings and program them to work for you.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a traditional Indian dish that's packed with flavor. The spices are a nice bite without being hot or overpowering. Serve with a side of whole wheat bread to soak everything up.

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Body Mass Index

Calculator: Body Mass Index

What is your optimal weight? A team of British researchers studied 7,700 men for 15 years to determine what constitutes the perfect balance between height and weight.

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Looking for a personal trainer? We have several and a dedicated facility built just to serve you. No waiting for equipment in a gym or working out in someone's house with limited space. Plus, a TEAM of trainers that work together to give you the best workout ever. Call us for a free consultation or Click Here to learn more about our trainers.

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Look Good and Feel Good with our custom designed programs. We send your workouts down to your smartphone so you can see videos of every exercise, take your workouts on the road and track your progress.

Try an Interval Training program to drop the fat. The video and article below describe how to do it.

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