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25 Ways to Reward Yourself

25 Ways to Reward Yourself

When you've done something good for yourself, your should celebrate. Start by giving yourself points for healthy actions. When you've got enough points, here are 25 ways to reward yourself that don't involve food.

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Zucchini Soup - Slow Cooker

Zucchini Soup - Slow Cooker

A friend who wanted to eat more vegetables sent us the original version of this recipe (with Italian sausage) from Allrecipes.com. We swapped out the sausage for a veggie version and our tasting panel loved it!

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Calculate: Waist to Hip Ratio

Calculator - Waist to Hip Ratio

Researchers came up with this test after they discovered that just having a little extra weight isn't always a problem. It's how that weight is distributed on your body that can make a big difference. It's your Waist to Hip Ratio.

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