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WeBeFit Bingo
Fitness Can Be Fun

Ready to have fun?

We know the holidays can be difficult. Keeping healthy isn't usually a priority. So we built a game to inspire you, WeBeFit bingo.

Each square holds a Fit Tip. Every time you complete a square, mark it off. Once you have a line in any direction, you've got a bingo! You've also done a few things that will help you live a healthier life.

For the truly ambitious people, try and mark off every square on a card. The things that work for you, make them part of your regular routine.

Below are three versions of each card. The web version is first, followed by a high-resolution JPG file and finally a high-resolution PDF file. Feel free to pass them on!

WeBeFit Bingo Card 01

WeBeFit Bingo Card 02


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