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Online Training - FREE Services Currently Offered!

To help everyone achieve their goals, we offer several services COMPLETELY FREE.

FOOD TRACKING - Many online trainers offer calorie tracking add-ons, for an additional fee. Instead, we use the program MyFitnessPal. It’s 100% free and works on any smartphone, tablet or computer. As a bonus, EVERY SINGLE RECIPE found on the WeBeFit website (over 500 of them) are already entered into MyFitnessPal. You just have to type WeBeFit.com and the recipe name. We've entered it all. For more tips read our articles, Four Weeks to Fitness.

RECIPES - To make things easier, we’ve spent over 10 years personally cooking and testing thousands of recipes. We’ve posted more than 500 options that TASTE GOOD while also being nutritionally balanced. We don’t just post a few random recipes, we’ve actually cooked everything on our website, taken a picture and made sure it passes the approval of our tasting panel. An average of six recipes are rejected for every one that passes our rigorous standards. New recipes are added every week and you can find them all online here.

CARDIO – Don’t spend hours on the same boring cardio program. With a heart rate monitor, a smartphone app called “digifit” and a technique called “Interval Training” you can see results in less than half the time of traditional cardio. Our article and video explaining how to do it are here.

MOTIVATION - Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates on what to do and encouragement to keep making progress.

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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER - Every Sunday you'll get our latest article, a bonus article, a healthy recipe cooked and tested in the WeBeFit Kitchen and a link to an interesting site of the week. These articles and recipes are created specifically for the WeBeFit website. Click here to sign up for free.

VIDEOS - To help with more complex ideas, we post videos and classes on YouTube. In fact we've put our entire Food Label Secrets Class online here.

Would you like a custom program built by a WeBeFit Trainer?

WeBeFit trainers can build custom workouts and push them to your cell phone, tablet or computer. Exercises are accompanied by a video showing you exactly how to perform them. Contact a WeBeFit Trainer and they'll help build your custom program today!

Call WeBeFit Trainers at (305) 296-3434.

There are no generic programs. Every workout is designed specifically for your goals and stated fitness level, by a certified personal trainer.

You don't have to come to us. We send the workouts to your phone, tablet or computer.

We push out the workouts directly to your computer (PC or Mac), Smartphone (Iphone or Android) or Tablet (Ipad or Android). See it on the device you want, when and where you want it.