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Locker Room Manners

Gym Manners
How's your locker room behavior?

Locker rooms are odd. They’re public spaces that we do private things in. Showering, cleaning and changing with other people we may or may not know. For the most part, people tend to be respectful of the space and people around them; but there are exceptions. 

Perhaps people do things, because they don’t know any better. So I’ve decided to share a few of my top locker room do’s and don’ts.

Don’t get upset if someone else is using the locker you like, get over it and choose another one. Unless you pay for a specific locker, they’re available on a first-come-first-serve basis. When choosing a locker, be flexible and pick one that gives people already there some personal space.

Do bring a lock, or get one from the front desk. No matter how well you know everyone in your gym, or how high class the club may be, things happen. People may not be stealing for the money, but just for the thrill. Lock things up and you don’t have to worry.

Don’t spread your stuff out everywhere. It’s annoying trying to share a bench with someone who monopolizes every surface. If you’ve got everything in a gym bag, put it in the locker. Then only take out the things you need, when you need them. Keep benches and chairs clear for people to sit on.

Do bring flip flops if you’re in a large locker room and walking a lot. Even the cleanest locker rooms are only as good as the last person that walked on the floor. Just remember to clean and bleach them every few days.

Do keep your shower time brief when it’s busy. Five to seven minutes is more than enough time to soap up and rinse off. Don’t shave, brush your teeth or take a leak in the shower. Save those things for the bathroom and sinks.

Don’t let the water run when you’re doing your personal grooming. You might think it’s ok to use lots of water brushing your teeth, but it’s not. Freshwater is a precious resource and you shouldn’t let it just run down the drain.

Don’t use hair dye, nail clippers or other intimate grooming items. Anything that can stain surfaces or leave pieces of you behind should be done in the privacy of your own home. Nobody wants to step on someone’s discarded toenail or have hair dye stain their clothing.

Do clean up after yourself. Make sure shaving cream, toothpaste and anything else that’s landed in the sink is rinsed down the drain before you leave. That also means making sure not to drip water from the shower to your locker. Even if your locker room has attendants, they’re not your servants. Put towels in towel baskets and trash in trash cans.

Don’t be a towel hog. One to dry with and another smaller one to sit or stand on is perfectly reasonable. You don’t need a stack of five to dry your hands.

Blow dryers are provided in some upscale facilities. If yours has one, do feel free to use it for the hair on your head. But don’t use it for hair anywhere else. Nobody wants to see that, especially when a towel will do just as good of a job with far less exposure.

Don’t go crazy spraying on perfumes and colognes. Some people may be allergic or simply not like being overwhelmed with the smell. Spray a little into your hand and apply it to your skin to avoid dousing others.

Don’t carry on long conversations, especially when you or someone else is naked. Many people already feel uncomfortable in locker rooms, there’s no reason to make things worse. Say hi, get dressed and carry on the conversation outside if you want.

Don’t check the messages on your phone in the locker room. Other people around you may be naked, and they may be concerned you’re taking pictures. Avoid the situation. Take calls and read messages outside.

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