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Time Saving Tips for Healthier Living
8 Steps to Save an Hour a Day

Pack a lunch to eat healthier and avoid fast food.
Pack a lunch to eat healthier and save time.

One of the most common new years resolutions is exercise. The problem many people have is finding the time to do it. Our lives are so filled with “stuff,” taking care of our bodies often gets pushed off or ignored. If you’re serious about wanting to workout and just need the time, here are eight things you can do to save an hour or more a day.

Dedicate the first hour of every morning to yourself. Don’t read email, don’t sign on to social media and don’t flip on the television. Those are all chores designed to steal your precious time. Start your day going through a To Do list of what you intend on accomplishing. Eat a healthy meal and organize the things you’ll need for work. Without outside distractions, it’s easy to save 10-15 minutes each morning and you’ll head off to work less stressed.

Respond to things on your time frame, when possible. Many of our electronic devices have a default setting that automatically notifies us of every incoming email, social media post and text message. If constantly checking those things is NOT part of your job, turn the notifications OFF. Then set specific times of the day when you’re going to respond.

On an iPhone go into the SETTINGS menu and choose DO NOT DISTURB. If you have an Android phone, you can access DO NOT DISTURB from the QUICK SETTINGS menu.

Every time you’re interrupted while working, it can take 5-10 minutes to get back on track. Now think about all those emails and messages that come in throughout the day. By turning the notifications off, you’re not being disturbed and can get through more work, in less time.

You can still let critical calls get through from your boss or loved ones. On an iPhone go into your contacts. Choose the person you want to allow access and tap EDIT. Then tap RINGTONE. Tap the Emergency Bypass switch and it’ll turn green when enabled. On an Android phone choose PRIORITY under the DO NOT DISTURB setting to choose individual callers.

Deal with your food in advance. Set aside some time on your weekend to plan what you’re going to eat the next week. Make a menu of things that are good for you and that you’ll enjoy. Choose a couple of meals that you can make multiple servings of and freeze the leftovers. That way you cook once and eat multiple times. Then get everything in a single trip to the supermarket.

Organize your errands together. Every time you walk into a store there’s a minimum of 20 minutes to get to the store, park and wait in line to check out. Reduce the number of times each week you do that and the time-savings can be significant.

Only watch programs that you’ve recorded on your DVR. Then you can fast forward through the commercials, saving 15 minutes per 1-hour show.

The light that comes out of electronic devices can keep you awake, so turn off those devices an hour before you go to bed. If you use your phone as an alarm, set it on airplane mode so emails and text messages are put on hold, but it’ll still ring to get you up.

Layout your clothes and other items you’ll need in the morning. It’s one less thing you’ll have to think about when you wake up.

Pack a lunch. You’ll save money and generally eat a lot healthier if you don’t rely on fast-food restaurants. Bringing lunch with you can also free up time you would normally spend ordering and waiting for food. Throw in a few minutes of walking, going up and down stairs or riding your bike to give yourself a boost after eating.

Finish the day by updating your To Do list. Cross off things you’ve completed, add new tasks that have come up and organize the list in the order that’s most effective for you. Include short-term action items that will help you achieve long-term goals.

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