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Shame on Kellogg's!
Baking sugar versus frying sugar are both BAD choices.

In a magazine that targets children, Kellogg's ran an ad that implied Pop Tarts are better than Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. Their logic? Pop Tarts are baked and Toaster Strudel are fried.

In reality, they're BOTH terrible choices! Lets look at them side-by-side.

Pop Tarts
Toaster Strudel
Max Suggested DAILY
Total Fat  
67-80 Total Daily
22% Fat - OK
42% Fat - HIGH
30% or Lower is Good
Sat. Fat  
22-27 Total Daily
Total Carbs  
25-35 Minimum or 3 per Serving
45-65 g

This is what the numbers mean. Keep in mind, the comparison only shows ONE Pop Tart and ONE Toaster strudel. (Ever eat just ONE Pop Tart when you open the packet? After all, they package TWO together.)

The calories for both are high. If you eat a typical PACKAGE, you'll get 400 calories from the Pop Tarts and 380 from the Toaster Strudel. That's as much as you should eat in a small meal, not a snack.

As indicated in the AD, the Pop Tarts are lower in fat. Only 22% of the calories come from fat while 42% of the calories in the Toaster Strudel come from fat.

In the saturated fat department, Pop Tarts win again. If you eat two Toaster Strudel you'll get 7 grams of saturated fat, nearly 1/3 your daily allowance.

They're both pathetically low in fiber. For foods that contain fiber, the minimum you want to get is 3 grams per serving. Both these foods have dismally low numbers.

Here's where Pop Tarts fail. They may not have as much fat, but they've substituted SUGAR instead. The Pop Tarts have 17 grams in a single pastry (34 grams when a single PACKAGE is eaten). That's nearly ALL the sugar you're allowed to eat in an ENTIRE DAY if you limit yourself to 2,000 calories!

The Bottom Line: Both these products are sugar and fat filled nightmares with little nutritional redeeming value. Don't be taken in by an AD that pretends because they BAKE something it's a healthier choice.

NEITHER ONE SHOULD BE IN YOUR PANTRY. Instead, get whole fruits as a convenient and healthy treat.

[Here's a question for the Kellogg's and Pillsbury people. Why can't you make a flakey, WHOLE GRAIN pastry with a LOW SUGAR filling and perhaps a little protein thrown in? We've figured out how to make tasty protein loaves on the limited budget of a small fitness company! With all your resources, why can't you? Click Here for our Protein Loaf recipes.]

Pop Tarts versus Toaster Strudel Ad

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