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Why Do You Want to Workout?

Questions Every Personal Trainer Should Ask

Working out and getting in shape can be a challenge, but have you ever thought about the reasons why you workout? When I meet with clients for the first time, I ask several questions to design a workout program specifically for them. How would you answer these questions?

What are your goals?

This is the first question I ask because it makes you think about what you want to accomplish. Generally, the answers can be broken down into three basic categories.

Health (Such as losing weight or recovering from an injury.)
Aesthetic (You want to improve your appearance.)
Upcoming Event or Competition (Training for a marathon or pageant.)

Your goals help me design a fitness program that will give you the best results.

What is your training background? Have you played sports, worked out, done yoga or danced? And if yes, for how long?

I need to know what you've done before to help decide where we need to start. Beginners tend to need more instruction on how the body should feel, while advanced clients usually need more discipline with form.

Are you working out now? If yes, what type of routines and how often?

By looking at what you're doing now, I can see what is; and is not working. It also gives me an idea of what should be changed to achieve the results you're looking for.

What makes you happy?

For example, if you're happiest when you're doing things that require more stamina than physical strength, I would choose a routine that incorporates more cardio than resistance training. As you get in better shape, you'll be able to do the activities you love with less effort, and you'll be encouraged to stick with your program.

Do you enjoy exercise? And if you don't, what do you dislike about it?

I need to know what things don't work for you, so together we can work to overcome those issues.

Are you ready to work?

A good personal trainer will do the following: Design a custom routine for you, teach you proper form, make sure you're working at the correct intensity levels and give you constant feedback on how to keep improving.

A trainer can't do the actual work of staying on a program. It's important to know YOU are the one who will have to do the work. I need to know you're ready for that commitment.

What time do you wake up in the morning?

If you don't get up before noon, scheduling your workouts at 8:00 in the morning is unrealistic. I need to know what time you typically get up, so we can schedule a time you'll make regularly.

When do you eat your meals, and what do those meals consist of?

You can't expect to lose weight, build muscle or make significant changes without making sure the fuel you feed your body is appropriate. If you need more in-depth work in this area, I will refer you to a nutritionist who can give you specific dietary recommendations.

What's your favorite food?

This is where I find out what food may be a negative trigger for you. By learning what your favorites are, I can suggest healthier alternatives. Do you love pizza or French toast? I've got healthy versions of both on my website.

What do you drink during the day? Water, soda, coffee, juices or alcohol? How much of each?

What you drink are often called the "invisible calories" that can sabotage the best-laid plans. By learning what you drink, I can make suggestions that you can still enjoy but won't be nearly so damaging to your health.

Answer these questions honestly, and we can get to the root of what you really want to accomplish and what we need to do together to help you reach your goals.

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