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Six Steps to a Better Sex Life

Bigger Chests!

Get the stamina to last for hours!

More of Everything!

I love getting email. Every junk letter offering an "absolutely guaranteed way" to improve my love life. Of course, none of these offers really work, but wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to do all those things?

Well, there is. You won't need pills, creams or have to send $29.95 for more information either. The only catch is the results all depend on you. Here are four things you can do (plus two bonus tips, one just for men and one just for women) to help make your love life more exciting than ever.

Fight Stress

Are you uptight? Agitated? Stressed out? Did you know that stress can interfere with sexual satisfaction and, in some cases, may even prevent you from getting aroused at all? Take out your frustrations in a healthy way through regular exercise. Starting your program is easy. Just choose something physical you enjoy and then do it three times a week.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, you've been told 100 times that it's not a good idea and you should quit. But did you know that smoking as little as two cigarettes a day constricts blood vessels, impairs your circulation and your ability to become aroused?

It takes the whole "sexy" image out of lighting up.

Unfortunately, "smokeless tobacco" is just as bad. Quitting isn't easy, I know because I've done it. Today, there are numerous ways to help you quit, including a doctor prescribed pill, the patch or gum. Pick one and become a quitter today.

Do Some Cardio

Want to be a more sensitive lover? Then improve your cardiovascular health. Better blood flow means greater sensitivity to touch and, for men, firmer erections. It also means your heart will be strong enough to handle those intense lovemaking sessions.

Drink Less Alcohol

Raise a glass - of water. Alcohol can numb the senses and decrease sexual function. Try alcohol-free and diet alternatives. Your liver will thank you, and so will your head every day you don't wake up with a hangover. As a bonus, you won't have to try and get rid of that person you can't remember bringing home the night before.

Just For Men:

Men, would you exercise if I told you it could give you a longer manhood? Well, it can! The majority of a male organ rests in the abdominal fat. Only a small portion sticks out. If you're overweight, losing up to 35 pounds of fat can give you up to an inch more length. Plus, you'll look and feel more attractive for a potential partner.

Just For Women:

Women, would you work out if exercise was a natural way to enhance your breasts? In a way, it is. Exercise won't increase your bust size, but as you get in better shape, your waist is reduced, giving the appearance of larger breasts. You won't just look better; you'll be healthier and have the potential for living longer. It's enhancement without drastic and expensive surgery.

It all starts now.

Do it for yourself and the one you love or the one you want to love. Choose one thing to change and begin today. No excuses, no whining and no looking back. If you're already in a relationship, a healthy you is the ultimate gift to the one you love.

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Updated 8/27/2007