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Raspberry Ketone

(Red raspberries are also known as European raspberries or rubus idaeus. The chemical names of raspberry ketone include frambinone, oxyphenylon, rheosmin and rasketone)

What is it?

Raspberry ketone is the phenolic compound that gives red raspberries their distinctive smell. Up until around 2012, it was used almost exclusively by food and perfume companies to make things taste and smell better. Now it's marketed as a miracle weight loss drug and sold in supplement form.

Does it occur naturally in the body?


What are the claims?

Raspberry Ketone prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver. Taking a pill will allow you to lose more weight than just diet and exercise.

Does it work?

If you're a mouse, a rat, or cells in a petri dish, there's evidence that taking massive amounts of raspberry ketone will allow you to eat fat without gaining much weight. But for humans? There is no proof it provides any benefit.

What are the dangers?

The FDA has stated that in low doses, there appears to be no harm from ingesting raspberry ketone. However, to achieve the benefits seen in lab animals, humans would have to take doses thousands of times higher than ever tested. There is no information on what that might do to a human body.

The Bottom Line

Raspberry ketone is a supplement that has not been shown to work on humans.

We cannot recommend the supplement raspberry ketone.

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