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(Nitric Oxide)

What is it?

NO2 is the amino acid arginine and arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) repackaged with a new name.

Does it occur naturally in the body?

Nitric oxide is produced naturally by the body to protect the heart, stimulate the brain and kill bacteria.

What are the claims?

NO2 is supposed to create and sustain levels of nitric oxide in the skeletal muscles. Supposedly elevated levels of nitric oxide enhance oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, muscle velocity and muscle growth.

Does it work?

That all depends on the type of results you're looking for. A study conducted at Baylor University (Texas) examined the effects of AKG supplementation during training on body composition and training adaptations in experienced gym users. At the end of the trial, no significant differences were observed in the AKG users in body mass, fat-free mass, fat mass or percentage of body fat. There were changes in bench press one-repetition maximum. The conclusion of the study was that AKG supplementation might augment one-repetition maximum strength in response to training but does not appear to affect body composition.

In a study at University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorg, researchers wanted to see if giving arginine supplementation to subjects would raise their arginine levels. Calling Captain Obvious! Yup, taking arginine supplements DID raise arginine levels in test subjects. What they failed to test was if those raised levels increased strength, muscle mass or endurance. As of 9/28/2008, we are still waiting for studies to show who should take NO Boosters, how much is clinically beneficial, what form that supplement should be taken in and, what results can be expected.

All the NO Booster ads talk about how the body increases muscle, but none of them have studies showing THEIR product can stimulate muscle.

What are the dangers?

Documented dangers that occur from overdosing on arginine (the primary ingredient of NO2) include diarrhea, weakness and nausea.

The Bottom Line

NO2 does not contribute to changes in body mass, fat-free mass, fat mass or percent of body fat. The primary ingredient is arginine, which has been shown to have no beneficial muscle-building effects.

We cannot recommend the supplement NO2 until conclusive studies on dosage, effectiveness and proper delivery methods are conducted.

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