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Fact Versus Opinion

Fact Versus Opinion

When we look for answers on health and fitness topics, it's essential to get good information. Simply doing a Google search may turn up the answer, but it can also show you hundreds of pages filled with misleading or false information. Do you know the facts, or do you simply have strong opinions?

Over the years, we've built a list of websites that provide detailed, accurate and timely information. Now we're sharing that list with you.

The link below will take you to a page that links to seven additional pages; each page is full of links from reliable organizations on specific topics or areas of expertise.

To make our list, we started with government organizations charged with providing accurate health information to the public. Then we included reputable medical companies as well as for-profit and non-profits that have a history of solid reporting. Respected universities, research institutions, peer-reviewed journals and reliable websites are also listed.

We always try to provide multiple sources for similar information. When you look something up, you can see if there's a general agreement or the areas of disagreement between organizations.

Link to Trusted Sites: https://webefit.com/links/links.html

The Blur Between Facts and Opinions in the Media

WeBeFit Articles on how to pick out trusted information.

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Updated 5/8/2022