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Your Shopping List

Here it is for all the world to see, my shopping list.

I'll bet you're thinking, "Dan's lost his mind! Is he kidding? He's printing his shopping list? How's that going to help me get fit?"

It could help a lot.

Half the battle of getting in shape is fueling your body properly. If you eat crap, you're going to look like crap. With this shopping list, I'm giving you options to buy so you have healthy choices in your home. There's another benefit. If you buy what's on my list, you'll have the staples you need for many of the healthy recipes I have on my website.

You'll notice the list is pretty basic. Whole fruits, whole vegetables, high fiber grains, lean meats and lower-calorie condiments. It's a lot of stuff from around the edge of the store. By first planning what you're going to eat for the week, then picking up the things you need from the list, you'll end up with dozens of healthy meals.

Eggs (Egg whites have no fat or cholesterol and are high in protein.)
Fat-free milk
Fat-free half & half
Higher fiber, low sugar cereals
Oatmeal (Not the suga-filled individual packets, the 42 oz. canister or larger boxes. I prefer quick-cooking Irish Oats because they don't get as mushy.)
Brown rice
Whole beans
Whole Wheat Bread (Salt-free breads are difficult to find. If you're comparing brands, look for one that's LOWER in sodium, higher in fiber and protein.)
Vegetables (I choose a vegetable for each day of the week. Some of the ones I like include Green beans, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, Brussel sprouts, bell peppers, etc.)
Fresh fruit for day to day snacking and post-workout.
Canned Vegetables (no salt added) for recipes.
Frozen fruit (no sugar added) for a sweet treat.
Frozen dinners [Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers are all good options. I buy these for the times when I'm too tired to cook something but don't want to have junk food.]
Lean meats like chicken breast, 93% lean or leaner beef, fish, turkey and lean pork.
Diet soda or lightly flavored water (A fizzy treat without calories.)
Guilt-Free condiments like sugar-free syrup, sugar-free honey, fat-free mayo, fat-free salad dressings, etc.
Sugar-free jam
Peanut butter
Fat-free cooking spray
Splenda, Stevia or Equal for Baking and Sweeteners
Protein powder

That's it. When you get home, divide the meats up into individual servings and freeze them for later. Put the bread in the refrigerator to keep it fresher longer. When you're ready to cook, you'll just need a few spices, and you're ready to go.

To round out your shopping list, click on recipes. Choose a couple to try for the week and have fun!

What's on your shopping list?

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Updated 7/3/2014
Updated 1/26/2021