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True Secrets of Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake Revealed!
What's in the book?

True Secrets of Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake Revealed!

Salt Lake City is surrounded by beautiful mountains, bordered by the second saltiest body of water in the world and home to the most visited religious destination in North America. But just how much about Salt Lake City and The Great Salt Lake do you REALLY know? We at Eden Entertainment Limited, Inc. decided to produce a handy book for the visitor and local alike.

It's called "True Secrets of Salt Lake City and The Great Salt Lake Revealed!"

Full of questions and answers going through hundreds of years of Utah history. The questions are carefully researched, photographed and indexed for your reading or browsing pleasure. Some samples of the questions in the book are below.

Church Pipe Organ How many pipes does the organ of the Salt Lake Tabernacle have?

Approximately 11,613 pipes, give or take a couple. (The editors chose to take a couple. They look fabulous in the den.)

Salt Lake Temple Was the Salt Lake City Temple once hidden?

Yes, in 1857, during the "Utah War" when Johnston's army was approaching Salt Lake City. The excavation and masonry foundation were covered up and the earth plowed to give the appearance of a cultivated field. Workmen re-excavated the foundation and resumed construction in 1858 when peace was restored.

Pyramid Is there a Pyramid in Salt Lake City?

There is, called the Summum Pyramid. Built in 1979 as a sanctuary and temple, the pyramid is 40 feet wide at the base and 26 feet tall. The pyramid stores the Summum Nectar Publications and is used as a classroom for people studying the Summum philosophy.

Tree of Utah What are the giant balls floating in the desert?

That would be the Tree of Utah. (What were YOU thinking?)

The Tree was a dream of artist Karl Momen, a traveler through Utah who was so taken by the surreal nature of the scenery, while driving through the Salt Flats, that he was moved to create this sculpture.

The Tree of Utah has been called everything from a "Vision in the Desert" to "Momen's Monumental Meatballs." The Wall Street Journal even carried a headline that read "Sure, the Redwoods Grow Taller, But They Don't Have Cocunuts."

Oolitic Sand What's unusual about the sand at the Great Salt Lake?

It consists of brine shrimp feces called oolitic sand. Really! Tiny particles (brine shrimp feces) act as a seed to start crystallization, then aragonite forms around them into pellets or spheres. Lovely thought, isn't it? Oh, to have the sand between one's toes!

Orrin POrter Rockwell Who was Orrin Porter Rockwell and why was he so feared?

Buy the book! Inside we'll reveal the answers to this and dozens of other fascinating facts. We can't reveal ALL our secrets online!

(Photo of Orrin Porter Rockwell used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.)

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