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True Secrets Of... Errors

Typos are in almost any book, our is no exception. We don't list those here, but if you tell us when you spot one we do make a note to fix it before the next edition goes to press.

Picture of True Secrets of Key West Revealed! Book Key West (1st Edition) 

Page 22

We talk about the presidents who have visited Key West. Included in that list is Hubert Humphrey. Of course he was never a President. We meant to say Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Oops!

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Picture of True Secrets of Key West Revealed! (Second Edition) Book Key West (2nd Edition) 

None that we know of...so far...have you spotted one?

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Picture of True Secrets of Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake Revealed! Book Salt Lake City 

Page 14

We stated Polygamy no longer exists in the LDS Church. This is not entirely true. It exists, but only in heaven. A Mormon whose wife has died can marry for eternity again to a second wife, and if she dies, a third, etc. They are all his wives in heaven.

We also showed pictures of the sacred garments, but we did not show the female versions. That will be corrected in our next printing.

Page 32

The summary of the Recommend Interview is outdated. We relied on an older version from documents provided by the public relations branch of the LDS Church. The current interview also makes sure the members have paid a full ten percent tithing. Plus question two is refering to CHURCH local and General Authorities...not community local and General Authorities.

Page 48

In talking about the Seagull Monument in Temple Square we failed to point out that the story is more folklore than fact. As biographer Stanley B. Kimball stated in his book, Heber C. Kimball: Mormon Patriarch and Pioneer, "Curiously, despite the miraculous nature of this event in current Mormon thought, it was not commented on much at the time and was hardly mentioned in the First General Epistle of the First Presidency of April, 1849. Cricket and grasshopper plagues were common terrors for many years in Utah"

There are also two pictures one that page and they are the same. Unfortunately one was a picture of buffalo POINT but when the files were sent to the printer the file names were truncated and the same file was used for both BUFFALO and BUFFALO POINT.

Page 49

We asked the question, "Were there trees in Salt Lake when the Mormon settlers arrived?" We should have said, "...Salt Lake City..." By omitting the word city it implies there were no trees in the entire valley, which is not true.

Page 56

We talk about Percy William Bridgman without mentioning what his relation to Utah is. There is none. It was originally part of a joke that was dropped in editing...but then the mention of Bridgman wasn't dropped. Big oops.

MANY THANKS to Mr. Richard Packham for all his help pointing out these (as well as other typographical and logical) errors throughout the Salt Lake City Book.

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Picture of True Secrets of Alaska Revealed! Book Alaska 

Page 4

Yes we saw the typo under Marshall Stone's bio...tragic but true.

Page 11

The tides in the Upper Cook Inlet. Tides cans be ranked several ways. The most common is the range, or spread from high to low tides. Our numbers are based on the extreme spread, the largest rise or drop in a single event. Technically what it SHOULD say is:

"Alaska has one of the greatest tidal ranges in North America. The extreme spread tides in the Upper Cook Inlet near Anchorage can reach 38.9 feet!"

Page 38

Father Kelley was kind enough to take pictures for us and give us information on the wonderful well at the Catholic Church. Unfortunately we repaid him by misspelling his name. Under the caption we listed him as Father Jim Kelly. The CORRECT spelling is with the letter E. It's Kelley.

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Picture of True Secrets of Washington, D.C. Revealed! Book Washington, D.C. 

Page 51-52

We talked about the statue the "Spirit of Justice" that was covered by drapes by Attorney General John Ashcroft. We mentioned the statue's LEFT breast was exposed, but that's the left breast as you LOOK at the statue. From the perspective of the statue, it's the RIGHT breast. We should have simply said her BREAST was exposed. We will correct this in the next edition.

Page 59

Under the question of "How did Pennsylvania Avenue get its name?" we stated that, "...almost every state has an Avenue named after them in Washing, D.C. The exceptions are California, which has a Street, Ohio, which has a Drive and Washington state, which has a Circle."

Not correct. Due to the efforts of C.S. Wetherell, a four block section of Canal Street between Independence Avenue and South Capitol Street was renamed Washington Avenue in November of 1989.

That section of road was chosen because no houses or commercial buildings faced the street and so no street addresses would have to be changed. In future editions of the book it will say, "The exceptions are California, which has a Street and Ohio, which has a Drive."

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