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True Secrets Of... Biographies

Scott Gutelius

is one of those Midwestern tourists-turned-Key-West-local. He visited Key West for twelve years before quitting his job working for a large, soulless multinational corporation to live the good life of poverty in paradise. Scott went to college for awhile and ended up with some hoity-toity degrees, which he puts to good use sitting in his apartment surfing the web, writing inane banter predicated on absurdist logic and playing "Pin the nail on the cockroach."

Marshall Stone

enjoyed a checkered career as piano teacher, church organist/choirmaster, Fulbright grantee at the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium and later as a naval officer in Japan during the Korean War. Marshall passed away March 17, 2007 and we miss him dearly.

Daniel Reynen

has been a tinman, salesman, laborer and grunt. He has immersed himself in the history of the United States to give valuable insights to other Eden Entertainment writers about cities they are working on.

While visiting the Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine he listened patiently as the tour guide explained the various metals they were excavating. As he surveyed the vast open pit he turned to the guide and asked, "did they find what they were looking for?" His innocence has been a welcome refuge for the normally skeptical writers.

Marcus Varner

has enjoyed the life of a vagrant for the majority of his years. He worked at an amusement park and picked cherries in Utah, served breakfast to hungry tourists in Yellowstone National Park and wound up mining for gold in Alaska. Eventually he made his way to Key West to thaw out. He now lives a quiet life helping Eden Entertainment writers "organize their thoughts" on historical trivia. (We really don't know what he does, but he smiles a lot when we show him what we've done.)

Carol Varner

loved dressing up like a gypsy when she was young. Whe she grew up she became one. Traveling so much she's made a career of Learning Experiences, that includes sixteen plus jobs, some paid, some not.

After several years as a "camp follower" Carol has settled in North Pole, Alaska, where she contemplates retirement. The only reason she hasn't is it might be too much work and she wouldn't get paid for it.

Until that day she continues opening her mind to understanding through reading and research for Eden Entertainment. It definitely doesn't pay very well but gives her heart a reason to keep beating.

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