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Smell Loss and Coronavirus

All of the business cards at WeBeFit now have a scratch and sniff stickers on the back. Those stickers were put there because of a rather remarkable study from Kings College London.

Researchers collected data from one-and-a-half million people from a symptom-tracker app designed to help monitor the pandemic. They discovered that nearly 60 percent of patients who were confirmed positive for COVID-19 lost their sense of smell or taste.

The loss of smell or taste was a much stronger predictor for a positive COVID-19 diagnosis than fever.

Millions of businesses worldwide are now routinely checking your temperature, but nobody is seeing if you can still smell something.

Now there are all sorts of limitations to testing every customer's sense of smell. As we age, those senses diminish, and there are many other conditions that can cause smell problems. So we're not suggesting you put people through a smell test before they walk through your doors. BUT. It is a tool for people to use at home. As long as the item you're smelling is consistent.

You take a scratch and sniff sticker and check it each morning. Can you smell it? Good! If you can't, consider giving your doctor a call and share any other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Scratch and Sniff Stickers. Just one more option to help protect people.

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