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Oath to Our Training Clients

Training clients is a privilege that carries important responsibilities. This is the pledge WeBeFit Trainers make to every client.

I will be honest, respectful, compassionate and straightforward in all of my dealings with clients.

I will listen carefully to all my clients. I will use the information they provide me to design the most effective programs possible for each clients circumstances.

I am in the business of helping people get physically fit. In doing so I pledge to always keep my clients safety first.

I will make every effort to ensure that the rights of all clients are respected. If any of my clients have limited mental awareness, I will still encourage them to participate in decisions as much as they feel able and willing to do so.

My professional judgment will be exercised as independently as possible and not be influenced by political pressures or by factors such as the social standing of the client. I will not put personal profit or advancement above my duty to clients.

I will ensure my clients receive the information and support they want to make decisions about improving their fitness. I will answer truthfully and respect clients decisions unless those decisions put my clients or others at risk of harm. If I cannot agree with a client request, I will explain why.

I will follow the provisions of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to help safeguard any of my clients' confidential information.

I recognize the limits of my knowledge and will seek advice from colleagues when necessary. I will acknowledge my mistakes. I will do my best to keep myself and colleagues informed of new developments and ensure that poor standards or bad practices are brought to the attention of those who can improve them.

I will show respect for all those with whom I work and be ready to share my knowledge by teaching others what I know.

I will use my training and professional standing to improve the community in which I work. I will try to positively influence authorities whose policies harm public health. I will oppose policies which breach internationally accepted standards of human rights. I will strive to change laws, which are contrary to clients' interests or to my professional ethics.