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How Much Sugar?

Sugar is such a politically charged issue even the United States Department of Agriculture has avoided giving recommendations. For a reliable number, we have to refer to the World Health Organization (WHO). They state that a healthy person should get no more than 6-10% of their total calories from sugar.

That works out to between 40 and 55 grams per person eating a 2,000 calorie a day diet. If you're eating fewer calories, you should take in less sugar. If you're eating more calories, you can take in more sugar. Figure out exactly how much sugar you're allowed using the calculator below.

To Reduce Your Sugar

For three days, you should record your sugar intake. The first day, simply count how many grams of sugar you're eating. If it's too high, your goal for the next two days is to try and take in less. If you're too low, you may want to consider adding more fruit to your diet.

Enter the total calories you're allowed to eat in a day.

This is how many grams of sugar you're allowed to eat daily.




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